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Tech Service Polska sp. z o.o.

Tech Service Polska Sp. z o.o. was established by merging Polish and Italian capital. Since that moment on we have delivered to the market innovative construction technologies, which stand out in particular for their energy-saving, high efficiency and ease of application. We offer innovative solutions in the scope of thermal and acoustic insulation (Polytech System), as well special machines, devices and chemical additives for the production of aerated mortars, concretes, foamed concretes, polystyrene as well as structural concretes. We deliver our products to customers all over the world, while providing them with consulting and servicing.

The important part of company’s policy are activities aimed at improving the state of natural environment. We achieve this goal by using Polytech polystyrene regranulate recycled from polystyrene construction waste in the production of mortars. Polystyrene wastes are re-used and are not instead deposited on waste dumps. Better insulation of facilities and buildings significantly limits energy losses, for instance of energy used for heating or cooling in the summer seoson. Less energy consumption translates into reduced consumption of fuels necessary for the energy production and thus lower emission of carbon dioxide.

We are a member of Polish Industrial and Commercial Chamber of Construction, the biggest and the oldest self-regulatory organization active in the construction sector since 1990. Benefiting from our common experience, the status of important partner and opinion maker in a circle of construction sector enterpreneurs, as part of the Chamber activities, we participate in creating favourable conditions of economic activity.

You will find us in National Court Register under the no. 000053847.

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