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Tech Service Polska Sp. z o.o. draws on the experience and expertise of Polish and Italian construction professionals. Our long-term business relationship has allowed us to offer a range of innovative construction technologies that stand out with their energy efficiency, high performance and ease of application. We are proud of our innovative thermal and acoustic insulation solutions marketed under the Polytech System brand. Our range also includes specialist machinery, equipment and chemical additives for making aerated mortars, regular concrete, foam concrete (also known as LCC or LDCC), styroconcrete and structural concrete. Our products, including technical support and advice, are delivered to customers worldwide.

An environmentally aware business, we work actively to help protect our planet. In particular, our Polytech mortars are made using regranulated polystyrene foam produced from polystyrene foam waste we source from building sites. Instead of being dumped into landfills, this waste is collected from building sites and reused in our production. When buildings are better thermally insulated, energy can be saved, as less energy is needed to heat the buildings in the winter and to cool them in the summer. When energy consumption is reduced, less fuel is needed to produce energy and less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.

Our business partner for many years has been COISOIMPER. This Italian brand has been sharing its 40 years of experience and expertise in advanced systems for producing lightweight concrete.

We also offer modern power trowels for plastering work and plaster making machines made by MAC EDIL, an Italian brand. We are the only and exclusive distributor of their products in Poland. The machines are available to buy or to rent, and technical support is provided.

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