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The POLYTECH THERM thermally-insulating plaster mortar is intended particularly for thermal insulation of single-layer walls or as a filling and levelling layer of at least 1 cm in thickness. It is a mixture of hydraulic binders, regranulated (or granulated) polystyrene foam and additives that increase the adherence of the mortar to the surface and its plasticity. It is a sand-free material. The POLYTECH THERM thermally-insulating plaster mortar  allows walls "to breathe", as it removes moisture outside the wall. This makes it stand out from the common thermal insulation methods that use thermal insulation panels. It can be applied to damp walls, which helps reduce the time for finishing work. 



  • thermal conductivity coefficient: ( λ≤ 0.1W/m·K )
  • Thermal bridges are either eliminated or significantly reduced, which ensures continuity and water-tightness of the insulation. This is particularly important with door and window openings.
  • It is a vapour permeable material (μ ≤ 10), which helps keep moisture away from the walls, thus preventing the formation of damp patches.
  • Reaction to fire: Class B: s1,d0
  • The compressive strength after 28 days is good: category CS.
  • The material adheres to the surface well (≥ 0.03 N/mm2).
  • It is a highly efficient material: one 15 kg-bag can produce enough material for 4 m2 if the layer if 1 cm thick.
  • It is suitable for application using the traditional method or mechanically.


Intended use

  • construction of residential buildings, industrial premises and public utility buildings,
  • inside and outside buildings,
  • on bricks, building blocks, other ceramic or silicate materials, as well as natural stone materials,
  • on concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete, cement plaster or cement and lime plaster,
  • as a single-layer or multi-layer underlay thermally-insulation plaster under a stucco plaster layer


Process parameters

  • temperature of application (except for the surface and the environment): +50C°-250C°
  • recommended mix proportions: 9 (± 5%) litres of water per bag (15 kg)
  • mixing time: 4 min
  • suitable for use when mixed with water: approx. 30 min


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