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POLYTECH®MP Thermally-Insulating Masonry Mortar


It is a two-component mortar with above-average thermal insulation performance. It is intended primarily for the construction of single-layer walls.

  • Component A: a cement-and-lime binder, regranulated (or granulated) polystyrene foam, mineral additives and chemical admixtures
  • Component B: construction grade sand with a grain size of up to 0.2 mm, PN-EN 12620:2004-compliant, to be used as a filler.



Intended use

  • construction of residential buildings, industrial premises and public utility buildings,
  • inside and outside buildings, except for surfaces exposed to moisture (cellar walls, foundations below the frost line),
  • connection of bricks, building blocks or other ceramic or concrete elements.




  • The thermal insulation consistency of the wall is increased, with λ≤ 0.2W/m·K (for the binding material).
  • Thermal bridges are either eliminated or significantly reduced.
  • The compressive strength after 28 days is good: category M5.
  • The material adheres to the surface well.
  • It is a malleable material.
  • The process of preparing the wet mortar is low labour intensive.
  • It can be used for bricklaying work using traditional tools and techniques.



Process parameters

  • temperature of application (except for the surface and the environment): +50C°-250C°
  • recommended mix proportions: 8 (± 5%) litres of water for each pack of component A (18 kg) and each pack of component B (10.5 L)
  • mixing time: 4 min
  • suitable for use when mixed with water: 2-3 hours
  • recommended binding layer thickness: approx. 1 cm

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