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Polytech® Therm InSide

Polytech® Therm InSide

Polytech® Therm InSide internal wall insulation panels 

This product is the thermal insulation material for internal walls and ceilings when no insulation material may be applied to the external surface of the walls because the walls must be protected (in listed buildings, for example). The thickness of the internal thermal insulation layer should be based on what the customer requires and the heat-and-moisture performance of the wall or ceiling in the long term.



  • thermal conductivity coefficient:  λ≤ 0.055 W/m·K
  • diffusion resistance coefficient: µ = 7-8
  • volume density: 200-220 kg/m²
  • pH ≈11 (reduces the risk of damp patches or mould to a minimum)
  • panel thickness: 2-20 cm, depending on the heat-and-moisture performance of the wall or ceiling 
  • The insulating panels are easy to finish.
  • installation method: use an adhesive trowel to apply the adhesive to the entire contact surface of the panel
  • The panels are non-flammable. 
  • The panels are made in accordance with the principles of sustainable construction.


Intended use

  • in listed buildings when the original surface of the external wall must be maintained;
  • external walls finished with natural stone cladding, clinker tiles or wood,
  • walls located on a plot boundary

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