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Polytech MS prefabricated panels

Polytech MS prefabricated panels

The Polytech Module System (Polytech MS) of fabricated thermal insulation panels is our response to the requirement for low-energy construction. Each Polytech thermal insulation panel is made of two layers: a structural layer of  30 cm in thickness and a thermal insulation layer of expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is 17 cm thick.  Polytech MS is an innovative solution: the structural part of the panel is joined with a layer of thermally insulating material. Individual panels are joined by means of connectors which do not affect the performance of the wall. The prefabricated panels are installed at the building site.


Details of Polytech MS panels

  • Maximum panel height (1 storey): 3.00 m
  • Panel width range: 0.3 m-3.6 m
  • Panel thickness: 47 cm (structural part: 30 cm + EPS part: 17 cm)
  • Compression strength: 2.5 MPa
  • heat transfer coefficient (U) for the wall: 0.12-0.15 W/m²*K
  • No mechanical connectors between the structural part and the thermal insulation layer (thermal bridges are eliminated).
  • Reinforced concrete connectors are used to joint the panels (these connectors are made at the building site).
  • No construction waste is produced when installing the panels.


Key benefits

  • Polytech MS allows for quick and hassle-free installation of external walls (thermally-insulated double layer walls) and internal walls (single-layer walls), which cuts construction time and costs substantially.
  • The walls of a single storey can be constructed on the same day.
  • There are no limitations to the shape or structure of the building or the layout of its interior. The size and structural arrangement of the modules and the position of door and window openings can be adjusted for use according to ready-made house designs. 
  • Polytech MS panels provide effective sound insulation.
  • All the materials used in the manufacture of Polytech MS wall panels are safe for humans and help create a comfortable climate inside the building.
  • Te process of making Polytech MS panels is eco-friendly, as it follows all the principles of sustainable construction.

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